Top 10 Sony Bravia TV Remote – Remote Controls

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If Applicable XBR75X850C XBR-55X855C KDL-50W800C KDL-50W800380 KDL-50W800BUN1 with Netflix, AZMKIMI RMT-TX100U Remote Compatible with Sony Bravia RMTTX100U TV Remote Control

AZMKIMI #ad - For the following models: xbr-75x940c, xbr-65x930c, kdl-55w800c, xbr-65x850c, xbr-49x830c, xbr-55x850c, xbr-49x835c, kdl-65w850c, xbr-43x830c, xbr-65x900c, xbr-49x800c, xbr-65x810c, xbr-75x910c, xbr-55x900c, xbr-55x810c, xbr-75x850c, kdl-75w850c, xbr-49x850c, KDL-50W800C.

Azmkimi remote replacement for sony bravia RMT-TX100U Remote Control carries 1 Year Warranty. Model: rmt-tx100u/ rmttx100U. Battery required : 2 AAA Alkaline Batterynot included. Xbr75x940c, xbr65x850c, xbr65x905c, xbr49x830c, xbr43x830c, kdl65w850c, kdl55w800c, xbr55x850c, xbr49x850c, kdl75w850c, xbr49x835c, xbr65x930, xbr75x855c, xbr55x890c, xbr65x890c, xbr65x855c, xbr55x900c, xbr75x910c, xbr55x855c, xbr65x810c, xbr48x800c, xbr75x850c, xbr49x830c, xbr65x900c, xbr55x810c, xbr65x930c, kdl50w800c.
BrandAZMKIMI #ad
ManufacturerAZMKIMI #ad
Height0.75 Inches
Length8 Inches
Width2.25 Inches
Warranty1 Year Warranty on parts and labor.

2. Sony


New 2017 Model 1-492-065-11, Sony RM-YD092 Factory Original Replacement Smart TV Remote Control for All LCD LED and Bravia TV's

Sony #ad - Kdl32ex358 kdl32ex405 kdl32ex40b kdl32ex421 kdl32ex423 kdl32ex520 kdl32ex521 kdl32ex523 kdl32ex555 kdl32ex557 kdl32ex605 kdl32ex607 kdl32ex655 kdl32ex657 kdl32ex705 kdl32ex707 kdl32ex715 kdl32ex717 kdl32nx655 kdl32r300b kdl32r300c kdl32r305b kdl32r330b kdl32r400 kdl32r400a kdl32r405a kdl32r407a kdl32r420b kdl32r421a kdl32r424a kdl32r434a kdl32r435a kdl32r500c kdl32w600a kdl32w600d kdl32w650a kdl32w650d kdl32w700b kdl32xbr950 kdl39r475a kdl40bx405 kdl40bx420 kdl40bx420b kdl40bx421 kdl40bx450 Compatible with the following televisions: kde42xbr950 kde42xbr950ol kde50xbr950 kde50xbr950ol kde55xbr950 kde61xbr950 kde61xbr950ol kdf60xbr910 kdf60xbr950 kdf70xbr910 kdf70xbr95 kdf70xbr950 kdl22bx320 kdl22bx321 kdl22ex350 kdl22ex355 kdl22ex357 kdl24r400a kdl24r405a kdl24r407a kdl24r425a kdl26ex555 kdl32bx305 kdl32bx320 kdl32bx321 kdl32bx353 kdl32bx354 kdl32bx355 kdl32bx356 kdl32bx359 kdl32bx420 kdl32bx421 kdl32cx520 kdl32ex305 kdl32ex306 kdl32ex340 kdl32ex355 KDL32EX356 KDL32EX357 KDL32EX358.

Kdl40r550c kdl40w580b kdl40w590b kdl40w600b kdl40w600d kdl40w605b kdl40w607b kdl40w609b kdl40w650d kdl42ex440 kdl42ex441 kdl42r474a kdl42r475a kdl42r505a kdl42r507a kdl42w650a kdl42w651a kdl42w700b kdl42w800a kdl42w801a kdl42w805b kdl42xbr950 kdl46bx420 kdl46bx421 kdl46bx450 kdl46bx451 kdl46bx453 kdl46bx455 kdl46ex405 kdl46ex505 kdl46ex520 kdl46ex521 kdl46ex523 kdl46ex605 kdl46ex607 kdl46ex620 kdl46ex621 kdl46ex640 kdl46ex641 kdl46ex645 kdl46ex655 kdl46ex657 kdl46ex705 kdl46ex707 and many more.

This is the new 2017 model of the sony rm-yd092 remote control 1-492-065-11 which replaces the following models: rmftx200u rmttx100u rmttx102u rmy1000 rmy912 rmy914 rmyd038 rmyd040 rmyd041 rmyd042 rmyd043 rmyd044 rmyd047 rmyd051 rmyd053 rmyd055 rmyd056 rmyd058 rmyd059 rmyd063 rmyd065 rmyd067 rmyd071 rmyd073 rmyd075 rmyd075 rmyd079 rmyd080 rmyd087 rmyd089 rmyd093 rmyd094 rmyd095 rmYD096 RMYD097 RMYD099 RMYD101 RMYD102 RMYD103 RMYD103 RMYD104. Kdl40bx451 kdl40bx453 kdl40bx455 kdl40cx520 kdl40ex405 kdl40ex406 kdl40ex40b kdl40ex455 kdl40ex456 kdl40ex457 kdl40ex458 kdl40ex505 kdl40ex520 kdl40ex521 kdl40ex523 kdl40ex605 kdl40ex607 kdl40ex620 kdl40ex621 kdl40ex640 kdl40ex645 kdl40ex655 kdl40ex657 kdl40ex705 kdl40ex707 kdl40ex715 kdl40ex717 kdl40hx800 kdl40nx655 kdl40nx710 kdl40nx717 kdl40r350b kdl40r350d kdl40r355b kdl40r380b kdl40r450 kdl40r450a kdl40r455a kdl40r457a kdl40r470b kdl40r471a kdl40r475a kdl40r485a kdl40r510c kdl40r530c.
BrandSony #ad
ManufacturerSony #ad
Height0.5 Inches
Length8 Inches
Width2 Inches
Part NumberRM-YD092-UNIVND

3. One For All


One For All Sony TV Replacement Remote – Works with All Sony Televisions LED, LCD, Plasma – Ideal TV Replacement Remote Control with Same Functions as The Original Sony Remote, Black – Urc1812

One For All #ad - Works just like your original sony remote - the One For All Sony TV Replacement remote Supports all common Sony functions like theatre, i-manual and options.

No setup required - simply insert the batteries and start using your Sony TV Replacement remote. Works with all types of sony tvs - the sony TV Replacement remote is compatible with all types of TVs like LCD, LED and Plasma. Learning feature - additionally to its easy setup, you can simply use the learning feature to fully customize this remote. Discover one for all: we are the world leader in remote controls and the specialist in universal Audio-Video accessories with more than 20 years of experience.
BrandOne For All #ad
ManufacturerOne For All #ad
Height0.79 Inches
Length8.07 Inches
Width1.81 Inches
Part NumberURC1812
Warranty2 year manufacturer

4. Sony


Sony RM-YD092 1-492-065-11 Factory Original Replacement Smart TV Remote Control for All LCD LED Bravia TV

Sony #ad - Kdl-32w700b kdl-32xbr-950 kdl-39r475a kdl-40bx405 kdl-40bx420 kdl-40bx420b kdl-40bx421 kdl-40bx450 kdl-40bx451 kdl-40bx453 kdl-40bx455 kdl-40cx520 kdl-40ex405 kdl-40ex406 kdl-40ex40b kdl-40ex455 kdl-40ex456 kdl-40ex457 kdl-40ex458 kdl-40ex505 kdl-40ex520 kdl-40ex521 kdl-40ex523 kdl-40ex605 kdl-40ex607 kdl-40ex620 kdl-40ex621 kdl-40ex640 kdl-40ex645 kdl-40ex655 kdl-40ex657 kdl-40ex705 kdl-40ex707 kdl-40ex715 kdl-40ex717 kdl-40hx800 kdl-40nx655 kdl-40nx710 kdl-40nx717 kdl-40r350b kdl-40r350d.

Sony rm-yd092 1-492-065-11 factory original replacement smart tv remote control for all lcd led bravia tv replaces the following models: rmf-tx200u rmt-tx100u rmt-tx102u rm-y1000 rm-y912 rm-y914 rm-yd038 rm-yd040 rm-yd041 rm-yd042 rm-yd043 rm-yd044 rm-yd047 rm-yd051 rm-yd053 rm-yd055 rm-yd056 rm-yd058 rm-yd059 rm-yd063 rm-yd065 rm-yd067 rm-yd071 rm-yd073 rm-yd075 rm-yd075 rm-yd079 rm-yd080 rm-yd087 RM-YD089 RM-YD093 RM-YD094 RM-YD095 RM-YD096 RM-YD097 RM-YD099 RM-YD101. Compatible with the following televisions: kde-42xbr-950 kde-42xbr-950ol kde-50xbr-950 kde-50xbr-950ol kde-55xbr-950 kde-61xbr-950 kde-61xbr-950ol kdf-60xbr-910 kdf-60xbr-950 kdf-70xbr-910 kdf-70xbr-95 kdf-70xbr-950 kdl-22bx320 kdl-22bx321 kdl-22ex350 kdl-22ex355 kdl-22ex357 kdl-24r400a kdl-24r405a kdl-24r407a kdl-24r425a kdl-26ex555 kdl-32bx305 kdl-32bx320 kdl-32bx321 kdl-32bx353 kdl-32bx354 kdl-32bx355 kdl-32bx356 kdl-32bx359 kdl-32bx420 kDL-32BX421 KDL-32CX520 KDL-32EX305. Kdl-32ex355 kdl-32ex356 kdl-32ex357 kdl-32ex358 kdl-32ex358 kdl-32ex405 kdl-32ex40b kdl-32ex421 kdl-32ex423 kdl-32ex520 kdl-32ex521 kdl-32ex523 kdl-32ex555 kdl-32ex557 kdl-32ex605 kdl-32ex607 kdl-32ex655 kdl-32ex657 kdl-32ex705 kdl-32ex707 kdl-32ex715 kdl-32ex717 kdl-32nx655 kdl-32r300b kdl-32r300c kdl-32r305b kdl-32r330b kdl-32r400 kdl-32r400a kdl-32r405a kdl-32r407a kdl-32r420b kdl-32r421a kdl-32r424a kdl-32r434a kdl-32r435a kdl-32r500c kdl-32w600a kdl-32w600d kdl-32w650a kdl-32w650 Kdl-40r355b kdl-40r380b kdl-40r450 kdl-40r450a kdl-40r455a kdl-40r457a kdl-40r470b kdl-40r471a kdl-40r475a kdl-40r485a kdl-40r510c kdl-40r530c kdl-40r550c kdl-40w580b kdl-40w590b kdl-40w600b kdl-40w600d kdl-40w605b kdl-40w607b kdl-40w609b kdl-40w650d kdl-42ex440 kdl-42ex441 kdl-42r474a kdl-42r475a kdl-42r505a kdl-42r507a kdl-42w650a kdl-42w651a kdl-42w700b kdl-42w800a kdl-42w801a kdl-42w805b kdl-42xbr-950 kdl-46bx420 kdl-46bx421 kdl-46bx450 kdl-46bx451 kdl-46bx453 kdl-46bx455 kdl-46ex405.

BrandSony #ad
ManufacturerOEM Sony #ad
Height0.5 Inches
Length8 Inches
Weight0.25 Pounds
Width2 Inches
Part NumberRM-YD040-UNIVWD



New Replace Bluetooth Remote RMF-TX300U Sub RMF-TX200U RMF-TX201U Voice Control fit for Sony Smart 4K TV 149331811 XBR-55X850S XBR-55X930D XBR-65X850D XBR-65X930D XBR-75X850D XBR-75X940D XBR-85X850D

VINABTY #ad - Xbr-43x830c xbr43x830c xbr-49x800c xbr49x800c xbr-49x830c xbr49x830c xbr-49x835c xbr49x835c xbr43x800d xbr43x800e xbr49x800d xbr49x900e xbr55x850d xbr55x850ds xbr55x850s xbr55x900e xbr55x930d xbr55x930e xbr65x850d xbr65x900e xbr-55x810c xbr55x810c kd-55a1 kd-65a1 kd-77a1 kd-55xe9305 kd-65xe9305 kd-49xe9005 kd-55xe9005 kd-65xe9005 kd-75xe9005 kd-65xe8505 kd-43xe8004 kd-75xe8505 kd-49xe8004 kd-85xd8505 kd-75xd8505 kd-65xd8505 kd-55xd8505 ;.

Xbr-55x850c xbr55x850c xbr-55x890c xbr55x890c xbr-55x900c xbr55x900c xbr-65x810c xbr65x810c xbr-65x850c xbr65x850c xbr-65x890c xbr65x890c xbr-65x900c xbr65x900c xbr-65x930c xbr65x930c xbr-75x850c xbr75x850c xbr-75x900c xbr75x900c xbr-75x900e xbr75x900e xbr-75x910c xbr75x910c xbr-75x930c xbr75x930c xbr-75x940c xbr75x940c xbr65x900e xbr65x750d xbr49x700d xbr55x700d xbr-55a1e xbr-65a1e xbr-77a1e xbr55a1e xbr65a1e xbr77a1e;. New replaced bluetooth micphone voice control remote rmf-tx300u rmf-tx200u rmf-tx201u fit for Sony Smart 4K TV 149331811 RMF-TX300U; Voice Control; Smart voice control remote. Xbr-85x850d xbr65x930d xbr65x930e xbr75x930d xbr75x940d xbr75x940e xbr85x850d xbr-55x55ds xbr-55x855d xbr-55x857d xbr-55x857ds xbr-65x855d xbr-65x857d xbr-65x935d xbr-65x937d xbr-75x850d xbr-75x855d xbr-75x857d xbr-85x855d xbr55x55ds xbr55x855d xbr55x857d xbr55x857ds xbr65x855d xbr65x857d xbr65x935d xbr65x937d xbr75x850d xbr75x855d xbr75x857d xbr85x855d kdl-50w800c kdl50w800c kdl-50w850c ;.

Fit for xbr-43x800e xbr-49x800e xbr49x800e xbr-55x850d xbr-55x850s xbr-55x930d xbr-65x850d xbr-65x930d xbr-75x850d xbr-75x940d xbr-85x850d xbr-43x800d xbr-43x800e xbr-49x800d xbr-49x900e xbr-55x850d xbr-55x850ds xbr-55x850s xbr-55x855d xbr-55x900e xbr-55x930d xbr-55x800e xbr55x800e xbr-55x806e xbr55x806e xbr-65x850e xbr65x850e xbr-75x850e xbr75x850e xbr-43x800d xbr-49x800d xbr-55x930e xbr-65x850d xbr-65x900e xbr-65x930d xbr-65x930e xbr-75x850d xbr-75x900e xbr-75x930d xbr-75x940d xbr-75x940E ;.
BrandVINABTY #ad
ManufacturerVINABTY factory #ad
Height0.7 Inches
Length8.2 Inches
Width1.9 Inches

6. Nettech


1 Year Warran-tySN-14AL, New Nettech Universal Remote Control for All Sony Brand TV, Smart TV

Nettech #ad - This remote control has both tv mode and DVD mode, Without setting, the only thing you need to do is to install batteries before using. The nettech universal remote control model no: sny906 fit for SONY TV/DVD let you replace a broken or lost remote or combine more than one remote control into one.

This remote control may provide functions that are not available on your equipment, such as some functions of particular equipment can not be controlled by this remote control. This is nettech brand remote, perfect for everyone kids, not sony Original, adults, but work with almost all sony lCD/ LED TV and older model sony tv, etc, Seniors, Perfect For Sony TV Remote. In such cases, please contact us.
BrandNettech #ad
ManufacturerNettech #ad
Height3 Inches
Length3 Inches
Weight0.19 Pounds
Width3 Inches
Part NumberNettechSN-14+AL

7. Sony


Sony Genuine OEM LED Smart TV Remote Control RMF-TX300U

Sony #ad - Xbr-75x850d, xbr49x900e, xbr75x940e, xbr-55x55ds, xbr55x55ds, xbr-85x850d, xbr55x850s, xbr55x857d, xbr-65x857d, xbr55x900e, xbr-75x855d, xbr55x850d, xbr-65x937d, xbr43x800d, xbr-55x857ds, xbr55x930d, xbr65x850d, xbr65x930d, xbr-75x940d, xbr-55x857d, xbr-55x855d, xbr85x850d, xbr55x855d, xbr75x930d, xbr-75x940e, xbr65x900e, xbr65x930e, xbr-65x935d, xbr55x930e, xbr-75x900e, xbr-75x857d, xbr75x940d, xbr-65x855d, xbr-75x850d, xbr-75x930d, xbr43x800e, xbr49x800d, xbr-85x855d, xbr55x850ds, .

Xbr55x857ds, kdl65w850c, kdl-55w850c, kdl-75w850c, kdl50w800c, :, kdl-65w850c, kdl75w800c, kdl55w800c, kdl-65w800c, kdl50w850c, xbr49x830c, xbr49x800c, xbr-49x830c, xbr65x857d, kdl65w800c, xbr43x830c, kdl-75w800c, kdl-50w800c, xbr-49x835c, xbr85x855d, kdl75w850c, kdl-50w850c, xbr-43x830c, xbr55x850c, xbr-49x800c, xbr-55x850c, xbr75x855d, kdl55w850c, xbr75x857d, xbr65x937d, xbr65x855d, xbr-55x810c, xbr75x850d, xbr55x810c, kdl-55w800c, xbr49x835c, xbr65x935d, . Factory original sony rmf-tx300u smart tv led 4k ultra hdtv remote control for sony television rmftx300u / 149331811 with Google Play and Netflix. Xbr-55x890c, xbr-75x900e, xbr-65x850c, xbr-65x810c, xbr-65x930c, xbr75x910c, xbr-65x890c, xbr-65x900c, xbr65x930c, xbr75x850c, xbr-75x910c, xbr65x850c, xbr65x810c, xbr75x900e, xbr55x900c, xbr-75x940c, xbr-75x930c, xbr65x890c, xbr65x900c, xbr-75x900c, xbr75x900c, xbr-75x850c, xbr75x930c, xbr-55x900c, xbr55x890c, xbr75x940c, and more!.

Important: netflix, google Play and Voice Features only work on TVs with those features. Compatible with: xbr-43x800e, xbr-65x900e, xbr-49x900e, xbr-55x850s, xbr-49x800d, xbr49x800e, xbr-75x850d, xbr-55x800e, xbr55x800e, xbr-65x930d, xbr-49x800d, xbr-55x806e, xbr-43x800e, xbr-75x940d, xbr-55x850ds, xbr-55x930e, xbr55x806e, xbr-65x850d,, xbr-55x850s, xbr-55x850d, xbr-49x800e, xbr-43x800d, xbr-65x930e, xbr-55x850d, xBR-55X855D, xbr-85x850d, xbr-43x800d, xbr-55x930d, xbr-75x850e, xbr-55x930d, xbr75x850e, xbr-65x850e, xbr65x850e, xbr-65x930d, xbr-65x850d, xbr-55x900e, .
BrandSony #ad
ManufacturerSony #ad
Height0.85 Inches
Length8.3 Inches
Weight0.25 Pounds
Width2.4 Inches
Part NumberRMF-TX300U-UNIV

8. Neuronmart


New Universal Remote Control for All Sony TV Replacement for All LCD LED TV and Bravia TV Remote

Neuronmart #ad - If you have any questions after receiving the remote control, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with timely and high-quality service.

This item uses two aaa batteriesBatteries are not included. Please put new batteries inside. Put the batteries inside and it will be works, No other Settings are required. Replacement for sony rm-yd092, fits with various sony brand models, it is compatible with most of new and old SONY TV. Without programming or pairing required. Support 2k 4k uhD Smart TV. Shipping from amazon's us warehouse, you can receive your package within 2-3 days. Including Home hub buttons. Has both tv mode and DVD mode.
BrandNeuronmart #ad
ManufacturerNeuronmart #ad



New Replace RMF-TX300U Voice Remote Control with Mic fit for Sony 4K Smart LED TV HDTV Bravia XBR-43X800E XBR-49X800E XBR-55X800E XBR-55X806E XBR-65X850E 149331811 KDL-50W800C KDL-55W800C KDL-65W800C

AIDITIYMI #ad - Xbr-55x800e xbr55x806e xbr-55x806e xbr65x850e xbr-65x850e xbr75x850e xbr-75x850e. Fast shipping with Excellent customer service. Compatible with sony tv model bravia xbr43x800e xbr-43x800e xbr49x800E XBR-49X800E XBR55X800E. Item location: us amazon warehouse. Package included: 1 x Remote Control. Aiditiymi new rmf-tx300u replacement voice remote control with mic work for sony 4K Smart LED TV HDTV RMFTX300U sub for RMF-TX200U remote.
ManufacturerAIDITIYMI Factory #ad
Height0.6 Inches
Length7 Inches
Weight0.19 Pounds
Width2 Inches

10. Sony


Sony RMF-TX200U Android TV Voice Remote Control

Sony #ad - Enjoy thousands of apps from the dedicated Google Play, button. Works with sony tv models: xbr-43x800d, xbr-65z9d, xbr-75z9d, xbr-75x940d, xbr-55x930d, xbr-49x800d, xbr-65x850d, xbr-55x850d, xbr-75x850d, xbr-65x930d, xbr-85x850d, XBR-100Z9D. Launch netflix with a touch of a button. Just say what you want using voice search.
BrandSony #ad
ManufacturerSony #ad
Height10.44 Inches
Length4.56 Inches
Weight0.5 Pounds
Width1.69 Inches
Part NumberRMFTX200U
Warranty1 year